Hopewell’s Worship

IMG_0298worshipSabbath Worship is at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

We take the Fourth Commandment seriously at Hopewell. Even before man fell into sin and misery, God declared and constituted the Sabbath to be holy. He set it apart as sacred: set apart from all other works and recreations and set apart unto the worship of the Lord. Scripture teaches that the climax of man’s worship is the worship of Christ Himself, leading the Congregation of the Firstborn in glory, together with those earthly assemblies that participate in the heavenly worship, by means of Christ’s commanded congregational worship on earth.

Members of Hopewell are encouraged to rest from their other daily work and activities except for necessities, in service to God and others.

Our Lord’s Day worship flows from Scripture, as (re)captured in the historic teachings of the Reformation. We believe Scripture gives directions for the public worship of God, and we seek to be regulated by those teachings.* Things you will experience during our worship are:

  • congregational readings and responses taken from Scripture, and based on Scripture, often as contained in great documents from the history of Reformation churches
  • our music is congregational singing, with accompaniment that aims to strengthen our voices, and includes: biblical hymns and songs, together with the Psalms (usually to familiar tunes)
  • central to worship is the proclamation of God’s Word, the Bible. Our preaching is expository and seeks to make application of the eternal truths of God applicable to lives in the 21st Century
  • our response in worship is confessional. Making use of historic statements of faith based on Scripture, opportunity is given to respond in worship by confession of faith and consecration of one’s life to God

* See our “Distinctives” of Hopewell Presbyterian Church the section on “Regulative Worship”