Our Distinctives

distinctivesThe Hopewell Presbyterian Church meets weekly on the Lord’s Day with a morning worship is at 11:00 AM. The church has met regularly since being organized in 1820, and offers the advantages of small church, historic, neighborhood congregational worship. The Hopewell Presbyterian Church advocates family worship in the home and strongly supports parents who homeschool their children.

Family Worship

We believe that the family is the basic unit of redemption and seat of worship. Therefore, we promote family worship in the home, family service to community, keeping the family together in the activities of the church, and including single parents, widows, and the fatherless in the extended family of Christ’s Church.

Regulative Worship

We believe that God has either expressly set down in Scripture the directions for His public worship, or that the principles of public worship can be deduced by good and necessary consequence from Scripture.

Reformed World and Life View

We believe that Christ’s work of redemption results in the salvation of the believer, who, because of his regeneration, brings the truth of God’s word to bear on every facet of his existence, both as to his understanding and in shaping his conduct.

Covenant Theology

We believe that God works covenantally, rather than arbitrarily, in the redemption of sinners. We find but one method of salvation apparent throughout the Scriptures: that which comes by grace alone, through faith alone, upon the merit of Christ alone. Our understanding of covenant theology includes a recognition of the necessity of applying the covenant sign and seal of baptism to the children of believing parents.

Presbyterian Polity

We are Presbyterian in matters of church government and discipline. This simply means that the congregation selects representatives to attend to the business, discipline, and pastoral care of the church. Part of being presbyterian also means that the local church can draw on resources outside of itself when the need arises, and it can pool its resources with other congregations in a geographical area to accomplish the Lord’s work. Presbyterian polity has the added benefit for members of the local church in that it provides for a process of appeal for matters that an individual member believes have not been dealt with properly in the local church. There are three courts available to the church: The session, which is comprised of the elected elder representatives from the congregation plus the minister. The session oversees the local church. The presbytery, which is comprised of one elder from each congregation plus theminister of each congregation, oversees the local churches in a regional area. The Synod, which is comprised of one elder from each congregation plus all of the ordained ministers, and serves as the court where doctrinal matters are hammered out. Synod is the final court of appeal in disciplinary matters.


We believe that behavioral problems are the result of the fall of man into sin. That sin is the root cause of all of the problems of the human condition, that sin manifests itself in two ways: in organically caused sickness and disease and in sinful patterns of behavior. We believe that the redemption of Christ in conjunction with the ministry of His Church and the fully sufficient word of God in Scripture, is the only legitimate basis for addressing the sinful problems and habit patterns of men and women that are not organic in origin. We strive to maintain an environment in the life of the church that is conducive to the spiritual growth and progress of our members. Pastoral care and counseling is available to those who earnestly desire to grow in Christ.

Finances at Hopewell

The Hopewell Presbyterian Church is free of indebtedness or financial encumbrance. At the same time we do not have a large contingency fund lying around in certificates of deposite. We beleive that monies given to the church should be put to work in some aspect of the church or ministry. Members of the church are not asked to make pledges based on artificially set goals. Our experience in 180 years of ministry is that God always provides for the legitimate needs of His Church through the faithfulness of His people, without fundraising, pledges or special offerings.

Operating Principle

Adopted this principle of operation on July 22, 1999: This principle will guide us after the Scriptures and the Confessional documents in our decision making:

Be it resolved that the Session of the Hopewell Presbyterian Church will operate and make decisions according to this principle: The legitimate duties and responsibilities of the church are those which properly fall into the categories of the marks of the church: doctrine, discipline and sacraments and/or the ministry of the church: public worship, missions, and diaconate. What falls within these categories belong to the church to act upon, what falls outside of them belong to the jurisdiction of another sphere (magistrate, family) and are not properly the domain of the church.